RNA Modifications - Biology

A significant component of our collaborative research revolves around the characterization of enzymes or enzyme complexes that are involved in the posttranscriptional modification of RNA. Selected publications below highlight the diversity of these collaborative projects.

Selected Publications

  • Mandal, D., Köhrer, C., Su, D., Russell, S.P., Krivos, K., Castleberry, C.M., Blum, P., Limbach, P.A., Söll, D., RajBhandary, U.L. “Agmatidine, a modified cytidine in the anticodon of archaeal tRNAIle, base pairs with Adenosine but not with Guanosine”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 107 (2010) 2872-2877. PMID: 20133752.    
  • Phillips, G.; Swairjo, M.A.; Gaston, K.W.; Bailly, M.; Iwata-Reuyl, D.; Limbach, P.A.; de Crecy-Lagard, V.; “Diversity of Archaeosine Synthesis in Crenarchaeota”, ACS Chemical Biology, 7 (2012) 300-305. PMID: 22032275.    
  • Aldinger, C.A.; Leisinger, A-K; Gaston, K.W.; Limbach, P.A.; Igloi, G.L.; “The absence of A-to-I editing in the anticodon of plant cytoplasmic tRNAArgACGdemands a relaxation of the wobble rules in plants”, RNA Biology 9 (2012) 1239-1246. PMID: 22922796    
  • Guy, M.P.; Podyma, B.M.; Preston, M.A.; Shaheen, H.H.; Krivos, K.L.; Limbach, P.A.; Hopper, A.K.; Phizicky, E.M.; “Distinct Trm7 complexes that direct anticodon loop modifications are required for efficient tRNAPhe function and healthy growth in yeast”, RNA 18 (2012) 1921-1933.  PMID: 22912484 
  • Rodriguez-Hernandez, A.; Spears, J.; Gaston, K.W.; Limbach, P.A.; Gamper, H.; Hou, Y.-M.; Agris, P.; Perona, J.J.; Structural and mechanistic basis for enhanced translational efficiency by 2-thiouridine at the tRNA anticodon wobble position” Journal of Molecular Biology 425 (2013) 3888-3906. PMID: 23727144             
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