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Peer-Reviewed Publications

The majority of our peer-reviewed research publications can be accessed by searching PubMed.

Many research publications can also be accessed via GoogleScholar.

The complete listing of Limbach Group Publications can be accessed below.


RNA Mod Mapper - Ningxi Yu’s  software for automated annotation of RNA mass spectrometry data.

RoboOligo - Paul Sample’s  software for de novo and manual annotation of RNA mass spectrometry data.  

MO Predict - Software developed in the Limbach Group to expand the capabilities found on-line in Mongo Oligo.


RNAccess Database - Database of RNA Signature Digestion Products (see PMID: 17194720 for details on Signature Digestion Products)

SumMods Database - Internal Link to Limbach Group Database of tRNA Modifications (not available for external access)

Books and Contributed Chapters in Edited Books

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