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Krivos, K.L.; Addepalli, B.; Limbach, P.A.; “Removal of 3’ Phosphate Group by Bacterial Alkaline Phosphatase Improves Sequence Coverage of RNase Digestion Products Analyzed by Collision Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry” Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 25 (2011) 3609-3616. DOI: 10.1002/rcm.5266 PMID: 22095510 [Link]

Addepalli, B.; Limbach, P.A.;  “Mass Spectrometry-Based Quantification of Pseudouridine in RNA”, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 22 (2011) 1363-1372. PMID: 21953190 PMCID: PMC3521532. [Link]

Menezes, S.; Gaston, K.W.; Krivos, K.V.; Apolinario, E.; Reich, N.; Sowers, K.; Limbach, P.A.; Perona, J.; “Formation of m2G6 in Methanocaldococcus jannaschii tRNA catalyzed by the novel methyltransferase Trm14”, Nucleic Acids Res. 39 (2011) 7641-55. PMID: 21693558. PMCID: PMC3177210. [Link]

Addepalli, B.; Limbach, P.A.; Hunt, A.G “Disulfide Linkage in a CCCH Zinc Finger Motif of Arabidopsis CPSF30 Ortholog”, FEBS Letters 584 (2010) 4408-4412. PMID: 20888817. [Link]

Easter, R.N.; Kröning, K.K; Caruso, J. A.; Limbach, P.A.; “Separation and identification of oligonucleotides by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) - inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS)”, Analyst 135 (2010) 2560-2565. PMID: 20830328 PMCID: PMC3521528. [Link]

Castleberry, C. M.; Limbach, P.A.; “Relative Quantitation of Transfer RNAs Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) and Signature Digestion Products”, Nucleic Acids Research 38 (2010) e162. PMID: 20587503 PMCID: PMC2938229. [Link]

Nikcevic, I.; Wyrzykiewicz, T.K.; Limbach, P.A.; “Detecting Low-level Synthesis Impurities in Modified Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotides Using Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry”, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 304 (2011), 98-104. PMID: 21811394 PMCID: PMC3146765. [Link]

Nikcevic, I.; Piruska, A.; Wehmeyer, K.R.; Seliskar, C.J.; Limbach, P.A.; Heineman, W.R., “Parallel separations using capillary electrophoresis on a multilane microchip with multiplexed laser induced fluorescence detection”, Electrophoresis 31 (2010) 2796-803. PMID: 20737446 PMCID: PMC3031587. [Link]

Anton, B.P.; Russell, S.P.; Limbach, P.A.; Kasif, S.; Raleigh, E.A.; Roberts, R.J. “Functional Characterization of the YmcB and YqeV tRNA Methylthiotransferases of Bacillus subtilis”, Nucleic Acids Research 38 (2010) 6195-205. PMID: 20472640. PMCID: PMC2952846. [Link]

Krivos, K., Limbach, P.A. “Sequence Analysis of Peptide:Oligonucleotide Heteroconjugates by Electron Capture Dissociation and Electron Transfer Dissociation”, Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 21 (2010) 1387-97. PMID: 20435485 PMCID: PMC3638748. [Link]

Mandal, D., Köhrer, C., Su, D., Russell, S.P., Krivos, K., Castleberry, C.M., Blum, P., Limbach, P.A., Söll, D., RajBhandary, U.L. “Agmatidine, a modified cytidine in the anticodon of archaeal tRNAIle, base pairs with Adenosine but not with Guanosine”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 107 (2010) 2872-2877. PMID: 20133752 PMCID: PMC2840323. [Link]
     *Comment in Hendrickson, T.L. “The Genetic Code: An Archaeal Path to Literacy”, Nature Chem Bio 6 (2010) 248-249. [Link]

Currie, C.A.; Shim, J.S.; Lee, S.H.; Ahn, C.; Limbach, P.A.; Halsall, H.B.; Heineman, W.R. “Comparing Polyelectrolyte Multilayer-coated PMMA Microfluidic Devices and Glass Microchips for Electrophoretic Separations”, Electrophoresis 30 (2009) 4245-4250. PMID: 20013912 PMCID: PMC2847454. [Link]

Lokits, K.E.; Limbach, P.A.; Caruso, J.A. “Interfaces for Capillary LC with ICPMS Detection: A Comparison of Nebulizers/Spray Chamber Configurations”, J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 24 (2009) 528-534. DOI:10.1039/b820121h [Link]

Castleberry, C.M.; Lilleness, K.; Baldauff, R.; Limbach, P.A. “Minimizing 18O/16O Back-exchange in the Relative Quantification of RNAs”, Journal of Mass Spectrometry 44 (2009) 1195-1202. PMID: 19484804. [Link]

Hamburg, D.-M.; Suh, M.-J.; Limbach, P.A. “Limited Proteolysis of the Ribosome is Affected by Subunit Assembly”, Biopolymers 91 (2009) 410-422. PMID: 19213046 PMCID: PMC2936250. [Link]

Hossain, M.; Limbach, P.A. “Multiple Endonucleases Improve MALDI-MS Signature Digestion Product Detection of Bacterial Transfer RNAs”, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 394 (2009) 1125-1135. PMID: 19104781. [Link]

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