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    Melissa & Priti PhD Hooding

    RIP in Peter Lobue

    Group (old & new) at ASMS 2019

    The first time Jess said Goodbye to us

    Graduation - December 2018

    Celebration Time - MJ’s Wedding

    Another Wedding

    Mark Helm Visit

    ASMS 2016 - San Antonio

    ASMS 2015 - St Louis

    The Group with the UC Bearcat

    Annika and Pat in Mainz, Germany

    2015 Gordon Conference - Rob at Wine Tasting

    The Group Holiday Celebration

    The Group Alums at ASMS 2014

    Group Photo - Fall 2013

    Natalie & Nick - REU 2014

    Whitney Rafting

    There's only one Brittany...

    Romel, Siwei & Becky! at Graduation

    Doc and Rob at Work

    The 2015 Gordon Research Conference on RNA Editing & Modification

    Vidula & Beulah

    The Gang at Rustbelt - 2012


        Dr. Limbach


            RNA Modifications - MS

            RNA Modifications - Biology

            RNA-Protein Complexes

            Biological & Medical Science

            Protocol & Lab Updates...

                Total tRNA Shipment Protocol.pdf

                Total tRNA Shipping Requirements

                CMCT Derivatization Conditions

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        Meet the Group

            Group Photo Collection

                Group out in Newport

                Daisy at CGSA Award Recognition

                The Group at ASMS in 2005

                Annual Crawfish Boil

                1998 Group Photo

                Da' Group with the Recent PhDs

                The girls with Tracey

                2013 Group Photo

                Soheil, Daisy and Callie in San Antonio

                Group at ASMS 2011

                1999 Group Photo

                Beniam, Stephen and Zhaojing

                Callie at Grad Poster Forum

                2005 PhD Graduates

                Group Holiday Party - 2013

            Limbach Group News

                2015 Lab News - Awards and more

                2014 Lab News - Rob, Whitney, Karen and Mat plus more press

                2013 Lab News - Balu promoted, Collin’s media write-up and more awards

                2012 and Earlier Lab News and Awards

            Limbach Group Alumni

            Group Photo Album

            Group Meeting Schedule


                1998 Group Photo


                1999 Group Photo

                Lenore Baby Pics-1

                Lenore Baby Pics-2

                Lenore Baby Pics-3


                2000 Group Photo

                Kari's latest addition-1

                Kari's latest addition-2

                Kari's latest addition-2


                The group at ASMS in Chicago

                Victor's Latest Addition-1

                Victor's Latest Addition-2

                Victor's Latest Addition-3

                Tracey and Doug's Wedding-1

                Tracey and Doug's Wedding-2

                The girls with Tracey


                First Group Rafting Trip to WV-1

                First Group Rafting Trip to WV-2

                Moo-Jin Suh

                Zhaojing Meng and Rama Tummala

                Zhaojing Meng and Wendy Dominick

                Wendy Dominick

                Beniam, Stephen and Zhaojing

                Setting up the lab at UC


                Da' Group with the Recent Ph. D

                Dr. Limbach Serving Cake

                2003 Group Photo

                Second Rafting Trip to WV


                Group out in Newport

                The Group in Newport (with Larry this time)

                Chau-Wen, Kari and Dennis Phillips

                After Moo-Jin's Defense

                Moo-Jin and Wendy

                Moo-Jin and Soheil

                Moo-Jin at his PhD Defense

                Moo-Jin at his PhD Defense - still happy!


                The Group at our 10-year Anniversary

                Dr. Limbach with Emma

                2005 PhD Graduates

                Happy Grads

                Chad's Cake

                Chad's Party-1

                Chad's Party-2

                Chad's Party-3

                Soheil, Chad and Mahmud

                The Group at Bar Louie-1

                The Group at Bar Louie-2

                The Group at Bar Louie-3

                Callie at Grad Poster Forum

                Mahmud at Grad Poster Forum

                Daisy at Grad Poster Forum

                Soheil at Grad Poster Forum

                Justin at Grad Poster Forum

                April at Grad Poster Forum

                Chad and Soheil

                The Group at ASMS-1

                The Group at ASMS-2

                The Group at ASMS-3

                Dr Limbach's Card

                The Group at ASMS-4

                Daisy at ASMS

                Soheil, Daisy and Callie in San Antonio

                The Limbach Girls at the Crawfish Boil

                Taylor and her pet

                Annual Crawfish Boil-1

                Annual Crawfish Boil-2

                Annual Crawfish Boil-3

                Annual Crawfish Boil-4

                Annual Crawfish Boil-5

                Annual Crawfish Boil-6

                Annual Crawfish Boil-7

                Annual Crawfish Boil-8

                Dr Limbach Becomes Dept Head-1

                Dr Limbach Becomes Dept Head-2

                Dr Limbach Becomes Dept Head-3

                Dr Limbach Becomes Dept Head-4

                Dr Limbach Becomes Dept Head-5

                Dr Limbach Becomes Dept Head-6

                2005 Group Photo

                Group at REU Poster Session-1

                Group at REU Poster Session-2

                Group at REU Poster Session-3

                Group at REU Poster Session-4

                Group at REU Poster Session-5

                Phil's Party

                Group at Phil's Party

                Phil Heiler REU Student


                2006 Group Photo

                April at Grad Poster Forum

                Colette at Grad Poster Forum

                Daisy at Grad Poster Forum

                Daisy at CGSA Award Recognition-1

                Daisy at CGSA Award Recognition-2

                LSU group out on town

                Limbach Group old school at ASMS


                Daisy and Doug before the big day

                Rehearsal Dinner

                More rehearsal dinner

                Last rehearsal dinner photo

                Daisy and the bridal party

                Doc Caruso at the Wedding (with Colette and Mike)

                Kady and Stu at the wedding

                Daisy and Doug’s Wedding Kiss


                Kathleen Lilliness - REU Student at Work -1

                Kathleen Lilliness - REU Student at Work -2

                Katie Kirschner - WISE Student at work -1

                Katie Kirschner - WISE Student at work -2

                Kari has a new addition to her family


                Kathleen presenting REU Research at ACS Meeting

                The Robins Family


                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 01

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 02

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 03

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 04

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 05

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 06

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 08

                2010 Annual Crawfish Boil - 07

                Callie is off to Duke for Residency


                Group at ASMS

                The joy of ASMS!

                Group at Coors Field

                Balu and his pet at ASMS in Denver

                Taking a break from conference activities...

                Piper Richardson - Daisy & Doug's First!


                Rustbelt 2012


                Group Dinner at ASMS

                Group Alumni at ASMS in Minneapolis

                Ms Catron hamming for the camera!

                2013 Group Photo

                The New Kids in the Group

                Beulah & Vidula

                Group Holiday Party - 1

                Group Holiday Party - 2

                Group Holiday Party - 3

                Group Holiday Party - 4

                CGSA Rafting-1

                CGSA Rafting-2

                CGSA Rafting-3

                CGSA Rafting-4

                Whitney hamming it up


                Xiaoyu & Rob Wedding-1

                Xiaoyu & Rob Wedding-2

                Xiaoyu & Rob Wedding-3

                Xiaoyu & Rob Wedding-4

                Zimmer Scholar

                Zimmer Scholar 2

                Group Alumni at ASMS in Baltimore

                Lab Summer Outing

                Lab Summer Outing 2

                Nick at his poster

                Nick and Natalie after REU Poster Session

                Limbach Group Olympics Team

                Skating Ladies

                Group Holiday Cheer

                Group Holiday Cheer 2

                Group Holiday Cheer 3

                Group Holiday Cheer 4



                Annika and Pat in Mainz


                GRC Conference Hotel

                GRC Wine Tasting - The Vineyards

                GRC Wine Tasting with Eric and Jane

                GRC Wine Tasting - Rob and not Xiaoyu

                Undergraduate Capstone Poster Presentation

                Amber & Angela

                Sarah & Mallory

                Danielle & Zach

                Ron & Tom





                Another OSMS

                Group Dinner at ASMS

                At the McCloskey House during ASMS

                The Ladies at ASMS

                The Ladies and Colin at ASMS


                OSMS 2017

                Group at ASMS

                Group at ASMS-2

                Lab Summer Outing

                Group Dinner at 2017 ASMS

                Group Cookout at Limbach's

                Lab Holiday Party


                Christina at her Wedding

                Christina’s Wedding

                Kayla’s Graduation Party

                ASMS is hard work

                ASMS is hard work - take 2

                Old and New at ASMS

                DTRA Technical Meeting

                Graduation December 2018


                Jess’s First Goodbye (Until She Came Back like a Bad Penny)

                Mesilla Conference Visit to White Sands

                ASMS 2019 Group Shot

                ASMS 2019 with Dr. Marshall

                ASMS 2019

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